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Who We Are

We are a CySEC-regulated Liquidity Provider that works exclusively with professional clients and institutions. Our bespoke offer for Forex & other CFD Brokers combines deep liquidity for over 2000 instruments with ultra-fast connectivity. We deliver tailor-made solutions to help Brokers meet their business goals.

The team behind Match-Prime: a CySEC-regulated liquidity provider

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Technology You Can Rely on

Our Forex & CFD liquidity solution is built upon an advanced institutional trading platform, Match-Trader PRO. Thanks to our strategic partnership with its creators, Match-Trade Technologies, the platform is continuously tailored to meet our exact needs, enabling us to stay one step ahead in a rapidly evolving market. It is integrated with the most widely used trading platforms and various distribution systems, ensuring easy accessibility for Brokers worldwide.

Explore our Liquidity Platform

If you want to see how our liquidity platform operates under simulated market conditions, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with a full demo set-up. Without the necessity of connecting to the platform, you will be able to check data feed refresh time, order book market depth, the number of available instruments, and average spreads. No strings attached.

Liquidity Features

Deep Liquidity

Take advantage of our deep liquidity of up to 10 levels of Market Depth across all of our multi-asset instruments

High NOP Limits

We make constant efforts to effectively manage our risk so that Brokers hedging positions with us don’t have to worry about order rejections

Data Available via FIX

In addition to sending trades, the Broker also has access to their hedge account information, such as balance, margin level and exposures

Negative Balance

We ensure safeguards to prevent our clients from incurring debts beyond their initial investment

Large Volume Order Execution

Our robust multi-asset liquidity platform guarantees high efficiency and allows Brokers to send high-volume trades or large-order sizes

Delegated Reporting

At a Broker’s request, we may take over EMIR reporting to save additional reporting costs and the hassle of matching the UTI’s


We strive to ensure that our ecosystem provides customers with easy connectivity to our deep liquidity. That is why we are integrated with the largest trading platforms in the Forex market, as well as various distribution systems.

Multiple Platforms

Leading Distribution Systems

Why Choose Match-Prime

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our institutional liquidity platform relies on an ultra-fast matching engine developed by a team of recognized experts from the Forex industry

Partnership Approach

We understand our contribution to the Broker’s profitability, which is why we make sure our clients always have personal contact with decision-makers

Fast Setup & Onboarding

We have procedures to provide our clients with quick onboarding and connection to our system (including Broker’s own due diligence)

One-Stop-Shop for Brokers

We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions; our deep liquidity is also available in a package with the Match-Trader platform

Impeccable Reputation

We have been building business relationships for years, and most of our clients come to us by recommendation

Test Before You Commit

We provide Brokers interested in our multi-asset liquidity solution with a full demo setup so that they can test it before signing a long-term agreement

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Test Before You Commit

Try our demo setup to check whether our Forex & CFD liquidity platform meets your needs. Contact us to get access without any prior commitment.

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