Match-Trader Server

With our strategic partners from Match-Trade Technologies, we prepared a special combined package offer for all Match-Prime customers who are looking for a secure, standalone server from a proven supplier

Match-Trader Ecosystem

Plug&Play Platform

The Match-Trader platform is already integrated with the majority of market-leading distribution systems, CRMs and supporting apps. The wide range of the APIs we provide allows our clients to easily integrate every application available on the market to create a complete trading ecosystem based on their current setup.

Key Features

Most Mobile-Friendly App

Match-Trader has been built using cutting-edge Progressive Web App technology, making it accessible for clients using browsers on any operating system (iOS, Android, Blackberry)

High-Processing Capacity Server

The Match-Trader platform is offered with a high-capacity server to guarantee maximum processing efficiency, which is confirmed by over 100,000 accounts on Match-Trade Technologies servers

Private Client Database

Brokers maintain full control and exclusive access to their client database, which remains installed on the client’s account in the indicated location to guarantee maximum security

Multiple APIs Available

Match-Trader System provides an open trading environment accessible via various APIs to enable smooth integration with the Broker’s own system and improve the work of the dealing team

Admin App

Take control over the whole trading environment: configure Data Feeds and instruments, edit managers and adjust charts to match your needs

No Turnover Fee

Clients are charged a fixed fee for their Real Active Accounts, so there’s no B-Book turnover or deposit fee, and the platform setup is also free, which means that Brokers pay for the resources they actually use

A brochure showing the multi-asset liquidity offer from Match-Prime

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