We Sum up the Year! 2021 in Numbers

The emotions after New Year’s Eve have subsided; we’ve (almost) got used to writing the date with two twos at the end. It’s time to sum up!

The year 2021 was certainly a breakthrough for Match-Prime Liquidity. Our company gained its CySEC license in 2020, and we managed to acquire our first clients at the end of the first quarter. It was a year of building media presence, brand recognition and, above all, the trust of our customers. 

We had new challenges almost every single day. We managed to acquire over 10 new clients, and our turnover in the second half of the year outperformed the first one almost seven times. Such an increase did not go unnoticed: pieces of information about our further collaborations were published by large industry portals.

We are also constantly taking care of the development of our offer. We’ve been working on expanding the list of our digital assets for a long time. The new instrument list includes various types of crypto, such as ERC-20, BSC, TRC-10 and popular native blockchains. In this respect, our offer has increased by over 300%.

Last year, we used every opportunity to meet in person, unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it was not possible as often as we would like to. Our COO Stavros Economides and CEO Andreas Kapsos took part in four expos in three different countries. Andreas also delivered a presentation at one of these events.

Once the pandemic restrictions subside, we plan to improve this result in 2022! First step – iFX EXPO Dubai, 22-24 February.

An infographic with a summary of year 2021 at Match-Prime liquidity provider in numbers

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