It is very important for us to have a partner that we can trust – interview with Daniela Egli, Skilling Cyprus Office CEO and Group COO

Daniela agreed to have a short interview with us at iFX EXPO International. We asked her, among other things, why Skilling chose Match-Prime as a Liquidity Provider, what distinguishes us on the market, and whether she is satisfied with the cooperation between the brands. Enjoy reading!

Hello, my name is Daniela Egli. I’m the CEO of the Cyprus office and Group COO at Skilling  Ltd. Skilling is a broker built entirely on strong Scandinavian values of clean design, transparency, agility and simplicity, due to the fact that most of our founders, investors and many of our employees are Scandinavian.

We pride ourselves in offering a lot of flexibility to our clients with our solutions and we have our own proprietary platform that helps us do so. We are able to constantly offer our clients new products. We offer over 900 instruments for trading, from forex and indices, the usual ones to soft commodities, over 700 stocks and more than 50 of the most traded cryptocurrencies. We aim to be a long term fintech that is very proud of its UX. 

How did Match-Prime help your company to improve your offer?

First of all, Match-Prime helped to improve the number of instruments we offer to clients. As I said before, we offer an extensive number of instruments, which we found quite difficult to get from other providers. Due to the fact that Match-Prime has access to multiple exchanges, they are able to offer us a wide range of instruments, especially in the crypto market.

Why did you choose Match-Prime as your liquidity provider?

There are many criteria, actually. As I mentioned before, the wide range of instruments is definitely a top criteria for which we chose Match-Prime. But there are also obviously other ones like the fact that Match-Prime is licensed. It’s very important for us to have a regulated partner we can trust, and also to know that they have a duty to take care of their clients. We are also very pleased with the competitive spreads that allow us to offer our clients lower costs, fast execution, and most importantly, the flexibility they have in offering us different solutions on request; doing something out of the box for us.

Interview with Daniela Egli, Skilling Cyprus office CEO, Group COO

What in your opinion distinguishes Match-Prime on the market?

I think all of the criteria that I mentioned before, which are usually difficult to find in one provider alone. Match-Prime really checked the box on a lot of these good things. I think one aspect that we really appreciate about Match-Prime is the flexibility of the solutions they offer. We can really rely on going to Match-Prime and asking them for something outrageous and we know they will deliver it!

Has the cooperation with Match-Prime helped you gain new clients?

Definitely all the reasons that I mentioned before helped us gain new clients. Obviously, competitive spreads make it possible for us to offer our clients a wide range of products at a lower cost. Nowadays, our traders are more educated, they are more connected to the markets via different channels. So they want to trade whatever is trending, right? Therefore, it’s very important for us to be able to add new products and new solutions very fast. And again, as I mentioned before, the flexibility. The clients want us to provide certain solutions, different solutions, custom solutions. We are able to deliver that due to our collaboration with Match-Prime.

How can you summarise the cooperation between Skilling and Match-Prime so far?

Our collaboration is great because of all of the reasons that I mentioned before. Another thing that we really appreciate with Match-Prime is their customer-centric approach. We really believe that they offer a top notch service. They’re always there for us, they provide very fast responses to our inquiries, we understand that they truly appreciate the value of all of their clients, no matter their size. So we can see that they really put a lot of effort into building relationships with their clients. We really appreciate that.

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