Brokeree Solutions integrates its flagship Liquidity Bridge with Match-Prime Liquidity

Brokeree is now fully integrated with Match-Prime Liquidity
Brokeree is now fully integrated with Match-Prime Liquidity

Being one of the leading multi-asset liquidity providers, Match-Prime ensures the highest quality of offered services. The company’s portfolio contains more than 2,000 trading instruments, including equities, providing brokers with the ability to extend their offers.

To aggregate and smart route this abundance of trading symbols, brokers may use the Liquidity Bridge by Brokeree. The Liquidity Bridge is a comprehensive solution for multi-asset brokerages, which helps to manage large amounts of liquidity from Match-Prime and to achieve enticing trading conditions for their clientele. The solution operates efficiently with several trading servers and liquidity providers. Thus, brokers may accurately configure an execution model, including a hybrid one, which receives advanced reports and much more.

With this integration, brokers which use the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms can simultaneously access cutting-edge liquidity management technology – Liquidity Bridge, and the advanced liquidity pool from Match-Prime.

“A lot of our clients are looking for a transparent and personalised approach in the area of liquidity.” – said the press release from Brokeree Solutions. “Direct Integration of Brokeree Liquidity Bridge with Match-Prime ensures the ability to easily access the major trading pairs and efficiently execute trades under personalised conditions.”

When asked about this integration, Stavros Economides, Chief Operating Officer at Match-Prime Liquidity, mentioned: “I am glad that Brokeree has joined the list of companies we cooperate with. We are trying to make our products more and more accessible, and I am certain that this agreement is another crucial step which leads to this direction.”


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