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Hedging strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion (Part 2)

In the previous article, “A/B-Book strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion”, we discussed the most common hedging strategies for retail Brokers that they can utilise to optimise their profitability and reduce risk. Today, we prepared part 2 with additional ones. As mentioned in the previous article, optimising the profitability of a full B-Book model… read more


A/B-Book strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion

The success of retail Brokers lies, among others, in the ability to manage risk effectively. That allows them to increase profitability and safeguard the company from extreme market events. In a previous article, “A-Book vs B-Book Broker. The key differences between the two forex models”, we discussed the most significant differences between the A-Book and the… read more

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“Not all post-covid brokers survive in the long run” – Michael Karczewski for Al Bayan Magazine

Al Bayan Magazine spoke with Michael Karczewski, the co-founder of Match-Prime, a multi-asset liquidity provider. Michael Karczewski had some insights to share on the forex industry and its future. Hello Michał, can you give us an idea about your company? After many years of working in the Forex industry, we have come to a conclusion, together… read more

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Expert opinion: Building a successful brokerage in tomorrow’s landscape

Our CEO, Andreas Kapsos, was invited to speak on the panel  “Building a successful brokerage in tomorrow’s landscape” during the iFX Expo International. He had some interesting insights, so we asked him to elaborate and tell us more about the matter. The current rate of advancements in technology makes user demands higher than ever before…. read more

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It is very important for us to have a partner that we can trust – interview with Daniela Egli, Skilling Cyprus Office CEO and Group COO

Daniela agreed to have a short interview with us at iFX EXPO International. We asked her, among other things, why Skilling chose Match-Prime as a Liquidity Provider, what distinguishes us on the market, and whether she is satisfied with the cooperation between the brands. Enjoy reading! Hello, my name is Daniela Egli. I’m the CEO… read more

Press Releases

Match-Prime Liquidity becomes the official sponsor of a Cypriot football team – Omonoia FC

We are very happy to announce that our company became an official sponsor of Omonoia FC, a football team from Nicosia, Cyprus. We’ve been operating in the Cypriot market since 2020, when we obtained the CySEC license, and since then, we’ve been proactively broadening our relationship with local businesses and the entire Cyprus community. Match-Prime… read more

Finance Magnates

Andreas Kapsos, the CEO of Match-Prime Liquidity tells Finance Magnates how CySEC-regulated Liquidity Provider can stand out on the market and how important is the partnership between the Broker and its Liquidity Provider in the Forex business.