Tixee onboarded as our new client

Tixee, an award-winning broker offering a diverse range of trading instruments, decided to cooperate with Match-Prime, Forex and CFD Liquidity Provider, authorised and regulated by CySEC. Tixee has entered the Match-Prime liquidity pool, which consists of over 2000 trading instruments and 9 asset classes, thus […]

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Hedging strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion (Part 2)

In the previous article, “A/B-Book strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion”, we discussed the most common hedging strategies for retail Brokers that they can utilise to optimise their profitability and reduce risk. Today, we prepared part 2 with additional ones. As mentioned in the […]

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A/B-Book strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion

The success of retail Brokers lies, among others, in the ability to manage risk effectively. That allows them to increase profitability and safeguard the company from extreme market events. In a previous article, “A-Book vs B-Book Broker. The key differences between the two forex models”, we […]

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