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To FIFO or not to FIFO? Possibility to hedge without netting

Nowadays, FIX Protocol is the primary communication protocol for institutional trading in the forex and CFD industry. Major liquidity providers distribute liquidity through FIX API. They either use proprietary systems or external distribution systems like OneZero or PrimeXM. They allow them to handle hundreds of active FIX sessions; with numerous ticks, trades and other information… read more


Revenue per million – understanding and optimising brokerage profitability

Every broker’s revenues depend on B-Book and A-Book profitability models. The ability to understand, calculate, and optimise those enables brokers to have a good idea of existing and potential earnings given the volume. Especially if the broker has been operating for years and historical volumes and statistics are available. Unfortunately, many brokers still do not… read more


Why Brokers need multiple liquidity providers? – compliance viewpoint

The Best Execution is a topic of permanent discussion among the financial services market participants, especially those managing investment firms, as strict regulations bind them. Anastasia Theofanous, the Head of Compliance and AML at Match-Prime Liquidity, shares her thoughts on the legal aspects of sourcing liquidity for Forex and Crypto CFD brokers. As Match-Prime is… read more

Press Releases

We sum up the year! 2021 in numbers

The emotions after New Year’s Eve have subsided; we’ve (almost) got used to writing the date with two twos at the end. It’s time to sum up! The year 2021 was certainly a breakthrough for Match-Prime Liquidity. Our company gained its CySEC license in 2020, and we managed to acquire our first clients at the… read more

Press Releases

We triple our Digital Assets Offer

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new pool of unique digital assets to our offer. The number of unique coins has increased to over 50.  New products, services and technologies, such as PancakeSwap or Fantom, are of great interest to many potential and existing clients. This classifies Match Prime at the… read more

Finance Magnates

Andreas Kapsos, the CEO of Match-Prime Liquidity tells Finance Magnates how CySEC-regulated Liquidity Provider can stand out on the market and how important is the partnership between the Broker and its Liquidity Provider in the Forex business.