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Match-Prime Liquidity Joins Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork

Match-Prime, a Liquidity Provider authorised by CySEC, has joined the Gold-i Matrix NETwork. The company wanted to distribute its multi-asset liquidity to Gold-i’s global client base of retail brokers, hedge funds and banks. With this intention, companies decided to cooperate. Match-Prime began operating in October 2020. It has quickly gained recognition in the industry and… read more

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Why is Diversifying Liquidity Providers So Important for Forex Brokers?

In the forex world, price matters. On an average day, the forex market processes more than six billion dollars worth of transactions. Because the market is so large, competition between brokers is intense. Therefore, for a forex broker, providing quality services at the lowest price possible is essential. Additionally, news in the forex space travels… read more

Press Releases

FNG interview: Match-Prime’s Andreas Kapsos on the launch of liquidity provider

FNG Exclusive Interview… Following our exclusive report from last month on the launch of Match-Prime as a regulated liquidity provider, we are pleased to present the following follow-up interview with Match-Prime Managing Director Andreas Kapsos. How will Match-Prime differentiate its offerings? What are the challenges now facing liquidity providers to FX brokers, as well as the brokers… read more

Finance Magnates

Andreas Kapsos, the CEO of Match-Prime Liquidity tells Finance Magnates how CySEC-regulated Liquidity Provider can stand out on the market and how important is the partnership between the Broker and its Liquidity Provider in the Forex business.