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Brokeree Solutions integrates its flagship Liquidity Bridge with Match-Prime Liquidity

Being one of the leading multi-asset liquidity providers, Match-Prime ensures the highest quality of offered services. The company’s portfolio contains more than 2,000 trading instruments, including equities, providing brokers with the ability to extend their offers. To aggregate and smart route this abundance of trading symbols, brokers may use the Liquidity Bridge by Brokeree. The Liquidity Bridge is a comprehensive… read more

Match-Prime Liquidity Wraps Up 2022 – Finance Magnates interview

Today we meet with Andreas Kapsos, the CEO of Match-Prime Liquidity, a CySEC licensed Liquidity Provider that works with professional clients and institutions on a Prime of Prime model, offering bespoke liquidity for over 2000 instruments. Andreas, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the previous year? How busy… read more

Tixee onboarded as our new client

Tixee, an award-winning broker offering a diverse range of trading instruments, decided to cooperate with Match-Prime, Forex and CFD Liquidity Provider, authorised and regulated by CySEC. Tixee has entered the Match-Prime liquidity pool, which consists of over 2000 trading instruments and 9 asset classes, thus responding to the growing needs of its  clientele. This is… read more

“Match-Prime Liquidity takes Forex market by storm” – Fazzaco Magazine interview

Match-Prime is a Liquidity Provider that has been operating on the Cypriot market since 2020, when it obtained the CySEC license, and has been proactively broadening its relationship with local businesses and the entire Cypriot community. Match-Prime provides clients with bespoke multi-asset liquidity solutions and security for their businesses. But liquidity is not all the… read more

Expert opinion: Building a successful brokerage in tomorrow’s landscape

Our CEO, Andreas Kapsos, was invited to speak on the panel  “Building a successful brokerage in tomorrow’s landscape” during the iFX Expo International. He had some interesting insights, so we asked him to elaborate and tell us more about the matter. The current rate of advancements in technology makes user demands higher than ever before…. read more

It is very important for us to have a partner that we can trust – interview with Daniela Egli, Skilling Cyprus Office CEO and Group COO

Daniela agreed to have a short interview with us at iFX EXPO International. We asked her, among other things, why Skilling chose Match-Prime as a Liquidity Provider, what distinguishes us on the market, and whether she is satisfied with the cooperation between the brands. Enjoy reading! Hello, my name is Daniela Egli. I’m the CEO… read more

We have altered our liquidity conditions

We are pleased to announce that we have altered our liquidity conditions.  Wanting to meet our clients’ needs, we now offer lower spreads and commissions on different assets. Those include cash indices and share CFDs. Moreover, we altered our award-winning crypto liquidity recognised by Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022. The changes include: Reducing the Cash Indices… read more

We sum up the year! 2021 in numbers

The emotions after New Year’s Eve have subsided; we’ve (almost) got used to writing the date with two twos at the end. It’s time to sum up! The year 2021 was certainly a breakthrough for Match-Prime Liquidity. Our company gained its CySEC license in 2020, and we managed to acquire our first clients at the… read more

We triple our Digital Assets Offer

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new pool of unique digital assets to our offer. The number of unique coins has increased to over 50.  New products, services and technologies, such as PancakeSwap or Fantom, are of great interest to many potential and existing clients. This classifies Match Prime at the… read more

We welcome our new client – Sheer Markets

Sheer Markets decided to cooperate with Match-Prime, Forex and CFD Liquidity Provider, authorized and regulated by CySEC. Sheer Markets is one of the first institutions providing liquidity in non-deliverable currency CFDs to a broad group of Traders. The company chose to cooperate with Match-Prime to gain access to its liquidity pool. Howard Carr, Chief Executive Officer… read more

We onboard broker ArgusFX as our new client

ArgusFX, an award-winning broker, joined forces with Match-Prime, a CySEC regulated, Forex and CFD liquidity provider, to consolidate further stable development.   ArgusFX is a modern brokerage with experience in financial markets and technology, offering liquidity in non-deliverable currencies to a broad group of traders through CFDs. The partnership with Match-Prime gives the broker full access… read more

Interview with Match-Prime & Match-Trade Technologies at the iFX EXPO: the winning combination of Liquidity and Technology

FinanceFeeds went to Limassol, Cyprus, last week to meet the industry leaders. A key highlight was the interview with the executives of Match-Prime Liquidity and Match-Trade Technologies present at the show; Svetlana Kulikova, the Head of Match-Trade Cyprus, and Andreas Kapsos managing the Liquidity Provider.  2021 has been a very fast-paced year. Many opportunities have… read more

Game Changers Magazine interview with Andreas Kapsos

Match-Prime is a relatively new entity in the Cyprus forex scene as you’re just approaching your first anniversary, what attracted you to the brand? For me, it was the opportunity to shape the company from the very beginning. Being able to use my industry experience while creating the offer made me feel I could provide… read more

Your Bourse Announces Partnership With Match-Prime

Leading forex software provider Your Bourse has today announced its partnership with Match-Prime Liquidity. Match Prime began operations in October 2020, and has already connected several well-known brokers to its liquidity pools. In May the company announced that it had onboarded CySec regulated broker Skilling, under a long-term agreement. Match Prime’s bespoke offer for Forex &… read more

Industry comment: MT5 more popular than MT4

Andreas Kapsos shared his expert opinion with Finance Magnates regarding MetaQuotes’ recent announcement about the MT5 platform becoming more popular among forex brokers than the MT4. MT5 Is Superior, No Doubt in That It is obvious that MT5 and its features are designed to facilitate multi-asset trading. The platform supports more financial instruments (such as… read more

Expert opinion: The role of Liquidity Providers in the Forex Broker business

The Ins and Outs of Liquidity Liquidity providers have a much broader than one might think, range of services and support they can offer to Brokers. Though it’s the ability to adjust to a client’s specific needs, in terms of platform features or offering, that is their most important feature. Given their importance to the… read more

Match-Prime Liquidity onboards Skilling, a leading Scandinavian Forex Broker

Match-Prime, a Liquidity Provider operating under CySEC regulations, has officially onboarded Skilling, a well-known multi-licenced fintech company providing trading services for Forex and CFDs.  Skilling is a growth-stage, Scandinavian fintech founded by a leading European VC firm with a proven track record of success. Skilling offers online trading on a wide range of world markets… read more

Andreas Kapsos, the CEO of Match-Prime Liquidity joins Fazzaco to talk more about the company’s success and what makes their offer stand out on the forex market

Match-Prime is gaining more and more traction among business clients, could you explain to a broader audience what you offer? Andreas: True, we are amazed at how well the market responded to our offer. Match-Prime is a Liquidity Provider for professional clients such as Brokers and other licensed entities. We provide deep multi-asset liquidity sourced… read more

Match-Prime Liquidity Joins Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork

Match-Prime, a Liquidity Provider authorised by CySEC, has joined the Gold-i Matrix NETwork. The company wanted to distribute its multi-asset liquidity to Gold-i’s global client base of retail brokers, hedge funds and banks. With this intention, companies decided to cooperate. Match-Prime began operating in October 2020. It has quickly gained recognition in the industry and… read more

Why is Diversifying Liquidity Providers So Important for Forex Brokers?

In the forex world, price matters. On an average day, the forex market processes more than six billion dollars worth of transactions. Because the market is so large, competition between brokers is intense. Therefore, for a forex broker, providing quality services at the lowest price possible is essential. Additionally, news in the forex space travels… read more

FNG interview: Match-Prime’s Andreas Kapsos on the launch of liquidity provider

FNG Exclusive Interview… Following our exclusive report from last month on the launch of Match-Prime as a regulated liquidity provider, we are pleased to present the following follow-up interview with Match-Prime Managing Director Andreas Kapsos. How will Match-Prime differentiate its offerings? What are the challenges now facing liquidity providers to FX brokers, as well as the brokers… read more

Match-Prime, a new liquidity provider licensed by CySEC operated by MTG Liquidity Limited

Match-Prime is a trading name of MTG Liquidity Ltd. MTG Liquidity Ltd is a Cyprus Investment Firm that operates under License Number 390/20. It’s authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with its registered address at 62, Athalassis Avenue, Office32, Strovolos 2012, Nicosia, Cyprus.

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Market Basics: Liquidity & Volatility

Market Basics: Liquidity & Volatility

Like any other field in the financial services industry, investing can be complicated, especially for inexperienced investors. It is essential to understand the basic concepts well to avoid costly mistakes. Liquidity and volatility are great examples of those concepts. While both are important in trading, they should not be confused as they play entirely distinct… read more

Expert opinion: Top financial risks for 2023

Expert opinion: Top financial risks for 2023

The current economic situation is quite complex and rapidly changing. We are facing quite turbulent times, with financial markets being affected by many factors. Many countries worldwide are still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and bearing the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Therefore, market participants need to be aware of the current risks and… read more

The Importance of Including Digital Assets in Brokerage Offerings

Expert Analysis: The importance of digital assets in brokerage offer

In recent years, the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market have been substantial. It rose from $1 trillion in January 2021 to roughly $3 trillion in November of the same year, only to fall below $1 trillion again after a few months. This phenomenon was, and still is, widely discussed around the world, and it left… read more

best multi-asset liquidity provider

Match-Prime was named the Best Multi-Asset Liquidity Provider

We are thrilled to announce that we won the award of Best Multi-Asset Liquidity Provider in the Ultimate Fintech Awards MEA, held on the last day of the iFX Expo Dubai 2023. The iFX Expo was the first industry-wide event of 2023, and it gathered top experts and forex market participants from around the world…. read more

hedging strategies for retail brokers

Hedging strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion (Part 2)

In the previous article, “A/B-Book strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion”, we discussed the most common hedging strategies for retail Brokers that they can utilise to optimise their profitability and reduce risk. Today, we prepared part 2 with additional ones. As mentioned in the previous article, optimising the profitability of a full B-Book model… read more

A/B-Book strategies for retail brokers

A/B-Book strategies for Retail Brokers – Expert Opinion

The success of retail Brokers lies, among others, in the ability to manage risk effectively. That allows them to increase profitability and safeguard the company from extreme market events. In a previous article, “A-Book vs B-Book Broker. The key differences between the two forex models”, we discussed the most significant differences between the A-Book and the… read more

FIFO netting model

To FIFO or not to FIFO? Possibility to hedge without netting

Nowadays, FIX Protocol is the primary communication protocol for institutional trading in the forex and CFD industry. Major liquidity providers distribute liquidity through FIX API. They either use proprietary systems or external distribution systems like OneZero or PrimeXM. They allow them to handle hundreds of active FIX sessions; with numerous ticks, trades and other information… read more

Revenue per million - broker profitability

Revenue per million – understanding and optimising brokerage profitability

Every broker’s revenues depend on B-Book and A-Book profitability models. The ability to understand, calculate, and optimise those enables brokers to have a good idea of existing and potential earnings given the volume. Especially if the broker has been operating for years and historical volumes and statistics are available. Unfortunately, many brokers still do not… read more

Multiple liquidity providers

Why Brokers need multiple liquidity providers? – compliance viewpoint

The Best Execution is a topic of permanent discussion among the financial services market participants, especially those managing investment firms, as strict regulations bind them. Anastasia Theofanous, the Head of Compliance and AML at Match-Prime Liquidity, shares her thoughts on the legal aspects of sourcing liquidity for Forex and Crypto CFD brokers. As Match-Prime is… read more

Modern Liquidity solution

Meet us at Forex Expo Dubai and iFX Expo Limassol

On September 29-30 you can find us at Forex Expo in Dubai. If you can’t make it though, don’t worry! A couple of days later, from the 4th to the 6th of October, we’ll be attending the iFX EXPO in Limassol. We are very happy that our industry is making up for the time lost by the pandemic. Even… read more

Liquidity Match-Prime - A-book vs B-book

A-Book vs B-Book Broker. The key differences between the two forex models

In the forex trading world, there are two primary business models: A-Book (Non-dealing desk) and B-Book (Market Maker). They define the way Brokers will provide liquidity for transactions made by clients on their trading platform. In other words, each Broker needs to decide if they want to be an intermediary or a counterparty for them…. read more

iFX Expo Match-Prime

Match-Prime Liquidity exhibits at iFX Expo Dubai 2021

It was an immense pleasure to be a part of the iFX Expo Dubai! It is one of the biggest B2B exhibitions in online trading, financial services and fintech. Despite the current uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, it was a roaring success for our team! The expo witnessed the presence and participation of distinguished leading… read more